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August 5, 2013


SJ’S SAPPHIRE BLUE is again on the go for a new project for



We would like to announce that we will be making a video project for SUPER JUNIOR’s 8th Anniversary, this time with a longer preparation wishing for all you guys to be participating! J
SUPER JUNIOR’s 8th Anniversary will be this November 5, 2013, and although that’s 3 months away from now, we would like to begin collecting photos & video clips from you. We’re totally excited to make the boys happy and proud once more! And this is a great chance for you to make that come true!
It’s our first attempt to make such a big project for a very special reason, and we wanna take the challenge of making a video project for the boys! You’ve probably seen our last fan videos, joined our first mini project for Leeteuk, and been on the list for the 100 people we put on our Photobook project for Ryeowook’s Birthday , and this time WE WANT YOU to be there for this project too!

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December 31, 2012

121229 SBS Gayo Daejun - SUPER JUNIOR

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121229 SBS Gayo Daejun by SJMThanks

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121230 Kyuhyun's Signed Polaroid :)

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121225 Handsome Part-time Worker Eunhyuk at TLJ

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121229 Kyu at MBC Awards - Best Variety Newcomer + Radio Star's Friendship Award

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121229 SM releases a new collab "SM The Seven" at SBS Gayo

The new group's single, "Spectrum" was an original performance by a German DJ. The single was released this afternoon, first, at Olleh & Melon. Download and support the song from official sites! 

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[INTERVIEW] The Annual Philippine KPOP Convention 4 - Press Conference with F.CUZ

The Annual Philippine KPOP Convention 4 is one of the most grandest events made by fans, for fans! With proceeds going to Gawad Kalinga and PAWS they’re here with some very special guests. This year the Philippine KPOP Convention brings you F.CUZ and A.CIAN being their back-to-back special guests!
Held at the Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines, the boys entered the press conference accordingly by Kan, Daegun, Jinon, Yejun and lastly Raehyun. The lovely boys greeted the press and leader, Jinon, even asked the press if they had eaten.
Q: How was your first day in the Philippines so far?
Jinon: During the first day, we just went straight to our hotel and went to sleep. On the second day, the weather was really refreshing! We just went to the spa and went swimming!
Q: Have you tried Pinoy or Filipino food?
Jinon: Of course! Dried Mangoes are our favorite.
Q: What are you expectations in the Philippines and from your Filipino fans? Do you have any memorable moments here so far?
Jinon: Our expectations for our Filipino fans is, we will do our best to be the best KPOP group in the Philippines and I can’t forget how the Filipino fans cheered for us yesterday.
Q: As much as how many other groups have done, has your management planned a collaboration concert within other countries such as North America since you have a huge following there?
Yejun: At first I wanted to come to the Philippines but I also want to go to Brazil-
Jinon: Samba! (laughs)
Yejun: Chile or France.
Q: What kind of advice could you give for Filipinos who want to achieve their dreams?
Jinon: With passion and practice, you can do anything! We did our best and now we’re here. We want to collaborate with some Filipino stars one day!
Q: If you didn’t become a celebrity, what kind of occupation would you like to have?
Kan: Actor.
Daegun: Chef.
Jinon: Actor.
Yejun: Father.
Raehyun: Actor, I think I’m a good actor.
Q: What do you like most about being a celebrity?
Raehyun: Best thing about being a celebrity is we get to travel all around the world to see all our fans.
Q: What kind of field have you succeeded where others have failed?
Jinon: There are a lot of competitors but we are proud of our faces! (laughs) We’re also tall, we learned a lot about being an idol group that it’s not all about singing. …Salamat po. (Thank you) (laughs)
Q: From your experiences, how do Filipino fans differ from other fans?
Jinon: Filipino fans are really zealous and cheerful! Yesterday I was really surprised at how the fans cheered, they cheered at lot that we couldn’t hear the music anymore.
Q: What can fans expect from you next year?
Jinon: Now we’re currently preparing for our next album. Next year we will be also doing overseas performances and other activities like acting so please check our Youtube for updates! Please! (smiles)
Q: For Kan, how does it feel to be labeled by fans as the double-ganger or look-a-like of JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
F.CUZ Members: Woah!? (laughs)
Daegun: I don’t know.. (laughs)
Host: Do you guys agree?
Jinon: We agree!
Kan: I feel really good because I’m also his fan. There are no disadvantages but sometimes the fans of Jaejoong-sunbaenim are not content about it.
Q: Aside from singing, dancing and rapping, do you have any other special talents? Can you give a sample?
Jinon: Uh.. We cannot show it here. Even if we cannot show it now, when we’ll have a fanmeeting or concert next we will show it then! Please wait for it!
Q: Please tell us about your ideal girl.
Kan: I like a girl who was a pretty smile.
Jinon: Yes! Big Smile! (laughs)
Daegun: I like cute girls who can do aegyo.
Jinon: She’s actually here in this room.
Host/Press: Who is she? Where is she?
Jinon: (points to SNSD’s Yoona’s standee) Please bring her near the platform. (laughs) Yoona is my ideal girl. (smiles)
Yejun: I like kind and obedient girls.
Raehyun: I like tall and older girls. Mature girls.
Q by SOKOREAL: You’ve been here for 3 days already, do you have a memorable experience with your fans since you arrived here?
Jinon: Yesterday we performed Gangnam Style and the fans danced and sang along with us! They were really good at dancing! I really liked it because we did something together so I’ll never forget it. So~ Goodjob!
Yejun: Yesterday was the day we first met Filipino fans and it was really impressive how the fans sang together with us.
Q: Would you like to come back to the Philippines soon?
Jinon: Sure! We will do our best to come back as soon as possible! (smiles)
Q: How will you spend the New Year here?
Jinon: I’m very happy to spend the New Year and welcome 2013 here. We will be staying in our hotel on the New Year. It’s really good because Korea’s really cold now and here it’s very hot.
Q: Since the Korean Culture is very huge now, how do you feel being a part of this culture that has been made to a phenomenon?
Yejun: I feel that….since that Hallyu is very large, I’m very thankful.
Raehyun: I feel that I need to do my best.
Jinon: First of all, I thank all the Filipino fans and fans overseas. We’re here to promote KPOP and we hope that one day we’ll become the best KPOP group.
Daegun: We’re very thankful for your interest in us.
Kan: We’re just really happy that we’re able to show our own music.
Jinon: Great!
Q: Among all the KPOP stars, who do you look up to?
Jinon: Personally, I respect Shinhwa-sunbaenim. I like them for their teamwork and the way they work with each other.
Kan: Big Bang-sunbaenim and JYJ-sunbaenim
Daegun: I look up to Shinhwa-sunbaenim because of their teamwork.
Jinon: I also respect Super Junior-sunbaenim because they were part of the first few Hallyu Wave steps.
Yejun: I respect Super Junior-sunbaenim.
Raehyun: My role model is Lee Seunggi.
Q: Lastly, please tell us something about your album “For Century Ultimate Zest”.
Jinon: Our title song, No. 1 is a song full of energy.
The press conference went smoothly as the members tried to pull out jokes and speak out some cute english especially leader, Jinon!. It ended with F.CUZ posing for the press and lastly a group shot of the press and F.CUZ together.

SOKOREAL.COM would like to thank the Philippine Kpop Committee for giving us the opportunity to join F.CUZ in their press conference. For more pictures, log on to SOKOREAL’s Facebook & don’t forget to “Like” us!
Written by: Naki
Photos taken by: Naki

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source: SOKOREAL
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121230 Year End Special @mejustgotlucky Style

"Our cousins are our first best friends. So cherish them."

                      I was in the middle of updating for the fanbase when I remembered this photo my cousin posted yesterday or the day before yesterday. lol. I accidentally thought of writing something about this since my fanbase's acc was jailed for an hour. It's 12 AM too, and I don't think I have anything to do at all than changing this and that to something that will get me that New Year feels :)
                            This was taken from our Christmas Day celebration. I was totally not so feeling Christmas that day. I was a bit frustrated and grumpy. The atmosphere that time wasn't really anything like Christmas. But these guys came to make that day extra-funny, kulit and special. Lol. 
                            For the 19 years living in this world they'd been the cousins who are my first best friends. Other than the best friends I have outside my family, who I consider so dear to me, they are one of those too, i consider dear. From day one of being a child who understood ABC and 123, read a book, wrote a letter, drew a circle, made a story, played house, they were the ones I spent all these things with. If not for them I wouldn't had played to my heart's content. Maybe, worse, I wouldn't had known what's a 'best friend'. Thanks to these two 'bruha' I enjoyed my childhood, and is still feeling like a child at the last moments of my "teens" ~ 7teen, 8teen, 9teen... and counting XD

                           I hope that our days together would still be wonderful, full of joy, and full of 'togetherness'. That's my wish. And for the next 20 years it would be an awesome gift to receive every Christmas! Our relationship cannot be ever measured by anything. It's priceless. No matter how large gaps will set us different and apart, I know, at certain points in our lives, we'll meet and be together as usual. Crazy girls. Crazy friends. 

                           First blog post of my ever normal life :)

                           HAPPY NEW YEAR!

*photo credit : Diane :)
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December 15, 2012

121212 Kyuhyun at ICN Airport from Malaysia

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121214 Leeteuk's Interview with the "Demaclub"

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121215 Super Junior & Their Pets

This evening I have been thinking of something good to post but I haven't thought of anything good. So I thought, I need to have something cute and interesting but found myself being fond of Super Junior once more (which is something cute + interesting) :D

Super Junior is such an animal farm for having lots of pets. I don't know if these guys still have them but I really applause them for their love for animals (makes them more cute!).

Let the cuteness begin! ^^

Heechul has 3 pet cats. One is Han Jay Hee Bum that stands for Hangeng-Jay (of Trax)-Heechul_Kibum, then the second is Bangshin, and last is Champagne. I know, Heechul's been keeping Heebum with him until now, but I don't know about the other cats.

This is the first time I knew that Kangin has a dog. It's so cute and I really can compare it to Donghae's Bada. Anyway, the dog's name is Gong Joo (means princess in Korean)

Yesung has a dog named Kkoming :)

 He also has 3 Sulcata turtles named Ddangkoma (the big one) which he gave away to the zoo (or shelter) where it is now kept with the name "Yesung" (XD), Ddangkoming, & Ddangkomaeng.

Shindong has this dog he named Jja Boo :>

Sungmin has his pet cat called Hyaku

 He also has this cat he named Sen

 Sungmin's dog Cacao (oww..sweet lips! :>)

 Sungmin also has his dogs Ali & Ari :)

Hangeng with his dog Rong Rong :)

 Hangeng's Rider :D

Eunhyuk's one and only dog, Choco!

Donghae's cute (and my favorite!) dog, Bada! (named after his name XD)

 Donghae's Meo (named after Shakespeare's 'Romeo')

Siwon & his cute dog Beckham :>

Ryeowook & his pet dog Ddabong (unfortunately this dog died :'( )

 Ryeowook bought this dog and named it Teunshil :>

I know, Zhoumi & Henry also has pets! I just forgot Zhoumi's pet's name, but Henry has a bird he named "Birdy" ..lol


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November 16, 2012

[CAPS] 121116 King of Drama Ep 3

                      So far, I've finished watching the first 4 episodes of the drama and I find it good how the drama logically flows. The events were something one could least expect to see but is definitely showing of how reality works. I bet if you guys love Siwon you will really watch the drama just to see him. But of course, the drama itself is something you should watch for. The plot construction is really good and I will not praise it if I see something that's lacking. 
                        Anthony Kim ( male protagonist) is one of the lowliest, disgusting scum of the drama industry. He was once the "King of Dramas" but will fall back from the glory he once had, all because of his dirty tricks just to make a drama seem all perfect. He is the type to do anything even if he steps on others. On his latest project, I'm sure you'll feel the same chills I felt on what he did just to complete the task. He managed to deceive second writer Lee Go Eun (female protagonist) and write the remaining episodes  of his recent drama according to his will. He was able to have someone deliver the recorded episode and let him die. He lost the one precious accessory that symbolizes his glory and luck. He gets fired from his position and was suddenly set down to the skirts of town. His dreams & aspirations finally gone. 
                              Lee Go Eun is a writer with no experience and any publications. She was a rookie writer then and a student of one of the greatest writers in her time. She lost the opportunity to pursue her career all because of Anthony's dirty tricks. When Anthony was trying to pull himself back to the top, the person he needed the most was her. She helped him get up and worked for him, but then again her dreams will be crushed by Anthony for the second time. Will she be able to get back to her feet and succeed?
                            Here comes Choi Siwon's character, Kang Hyun Min. He's one of the top actors of his time with great looks and great wealth. He's too perfect if you're going to know him from the outside, but this guy has a lot more he hides than what others know. What other people don't know is that " he's money greed" , funny in a so many sense (really funny XD) , game addict, plus ... a KID. I don't know, but that's how I can describe him. Anthony will do everything just to get him cast in his drama than any otehr top actors. He will be persuaded to do it, but what progress will we see from a Kang Hyunmin who's so not serious with his career under Anthony Kim & Lee Go Eun's guidance? 

                               In episode 3 you will see Choi Siwon first appear. You better watch, or you'll miss a life time's laugh on him. XD. He's really good. See the opposite of him from Kang Hyunmin ^^ ~~ I will be doing Siwon caps + summaries from now on for "King of Dramas" so watch out for it ~ 

                                So far, I've summarized 1-4 episodes here to make you curious. This is just the beginning. I'm sure the drama will make you curious and get you to question on what's gonna happen next ~ 


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