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October 20, 2012

121020 Super Junior 7th Anniversary Party Update

 Early morning, the first thing that was SJ 7th Anniversary - related was this : A Anniv support from one of the great fanbases I forgot which one. So sorry.

Beginning with the updates, this fan was said to be distributed in the fanmeet today to fans who were lining up. Yay! it's a EunHae fan , yes! I heard this was from EHScandal. I wonder if they have other merch therer? They always have nice merchandise, I'd lobe to one day buy. :)

The fans lined up so early in the morning. About 4000 ELF will be attending the 7th Anniversary party that will be from 6:30 - 8:00 OM KST. Look how big their number is and how early they went. So lucky. I envy them, but I guess they had it in exchange for hard work. I'm sure waiting wouldn't be a problem for them. We always endured patiently, to wait. That's how we are :)

This one's from Mnet Global :

They said in the updates that everyone was going for the fabric glass ( i dunno what that is) that was being given out in this photo. lol.

This is the pass to the 7th Anniversary Party today :)

Today, they have given out a photo card to elf with Super Junior's messages at the back :) (You can see translations from one of my posts! Check it^^ )

This one's from Mnet Global :

Hands up to all that are there ! When entering, ELF where given the chance to  write their name and numbers, so that whoever who will be luckily drawn from the raffle will have a chance to take a picture with Super Junior :)
The most amusing thing was that they were being given a piece of paper to write on who they think is more handsome : is it SIWON or EUNHYUK?

The fans queued but unfortunately it started to rain and they have to find shelter :( 

In the middle of updating, food in front of me started to pop out from my timeline. lol. It's food support from Super Junior Baidu Bar! yay! So rich people :) lol. See those boxes? God knows who... OMG. Just wow.

(photos from SJ Baidu Bar)

ELF were able to finally get in :) Look at the stage design! Our Sapphire Blue stage :) That's where SJ will be probably performing ^^

(photo from lynchae1106)

(photo from  )

(from _SOA_1015)

(photo from @miran02125)

Apparently, they said there was a sign saying no pictures will be allowed. Com'on it's suppose to be a happy event with freedom. But then, I know ninja ELF's will do their job :) We'll still see updates :) Till here ^^

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