November 16, 2012

[CAPS] 121116 King of Drama Ep 3

                      So far, I've finished watching the first 4 episodes of the drama and I find it good how the drama logically flows. The events were something one could least expect to see but is definitely showing of how reality works. I bet if you guys love Siwon you will really watch the drama just to see him. But of course, the drama itself is something you should watch for. The plot construction is really good and I will not praise it if I see something that's lacking. 
                        Anthony Kim ( male protagonist) is one of the lowliest, disgusting scum of the drama industry. He was once the "King of Dramas" but will fall back from the glory he once had, all because of his dirty tricks just to make a drama seem all perfect. He is the type to do anything even if he steps on others. On his latest project, I'm sure you'll feel the same chills I felt on what he did just to complete the task. He managed to deceive second writer Lee Go Eun (female protagonist) and write the remaining episodes  of his recent drama according to his will. He was able to have someone deliver the recorded episode and let him die. He lost the one precious accessory that symbolizes his glory and luck. He gets fired from his position and was suddenly set down to the skirts of town. His dreams & aspirations finally gone. 
                              Lee Go Eun is a writer with no experience and any publications. She was a rookie writer then and a student of one of the greatest writers in her time. She lost the opportunity to pursue her career all because of Anthony's dirty tricks. When Anthony was trying to pull himself back to the top, the person he needed the most was her. She helped him get up and worked for him, but then again her dreams will be crushed by Anthony for the second time. Will she be able to get back to her feet and succeed?
                            Here comes Choi Siwon's character, Kang Hyun Min. He's one of the top actors of his time with great looks and great wealth. He's too perfect if you're going to know him from the outside, but this guy has a lot more he hides than what others know. What other people don't know is that " he's money greed" , funny in a so many sense (really funny XD) , game addict, plus ... a KID. I don't know, but that's how I can describe him. Anthony will do everything just to get him cast in his drama than any otehr top actors. He will be persuaded to do it, but what progress will we see from a Kang Hyunmin who's so not serious with his career under Anthony Kim & Lee Go Eun's guidance? 

                               In episode 3 you will see Choi Siwon first appear. You better watch, or you'll miss a life time's laugh on him. XD. He's really good. See the opposite of him from Kang Hyunmin ^^ ~~ I will be doing Siwon caps + summaries from now on for "King of Dramas" so watch out for it ~ 

                                So far, I've summarized 1-4 episodes here to make you curious. This is just the beginning. I'm sure the drama will make you curious and get you to question on what's gonna happen next ~ 


by: mejustgotlucky
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